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A huge success any way you slice it!
How online ordering boosted sales by over 25%.

Sons of Sicily has been a long-standing favorite among diners in Shrewsbury, PA. Their customers know them for providing some of the best food and service in the area, but owner Joe Ferranti knew that in order to truly maximize customer loyalty he wanted a way to engage those customers frequently and offer them even more value.

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What attracted you to working with Total Loyalty Solutions?
We’ve been a favorite of Shrewsbury locals for years, but everyone is busy these days: it’s harder and harder for businesses to really get their customers’ attention. We were looking for a better to interact with our customers, and we wanted to offer online ordering so that they wouldn’t have to sacrifice the quality they’ve come to expect from Sons of Sicily for the convenience of a larger chain.

How have the results been?
We’ve had over 2,000 orders in the last few months from online orders alone. We’re very proud of that, especially being located in a town with a population just under 4,000. To me, that shows that were offering something that our customers definitely appreciate.

What else have you done that has led to this much success?
We mentioned our mobile app and online ordering on all of social media pages, and all print advertising that we do. In fact, we recently put up a new billboard advertisement on the highway outside of town.

In short: we make it easy for our customers to remember us, and just as easy to order.

Why do you feel it’s so important for businesses to focus on customer loyalty?
There are only so many “new” customers that a business can get, especially in a small town like ours. At that point, business growth is a matter of getting your existing customers to visit more often. Focusing on loyalty ensures that you’re offering the level of service that keeps customers coming back, and interacting with them in a way that reminds them how much they enjoy your business.

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