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Max's Restaurant: Increasing Online Order Size and In-Store Visits

After seeing the great video that Max’s Restaurant Cuisine of the Philippines created for their Mobile App, we knew that they must be finding success with their program. A quick check on the numbers confirmed; with average online check sizes of over $50 across nine U.S. locations, and 2,680 punches for their digital rewards, the Max’s App has certainly been a hit with their customers. We took the opportunity to ask Operations Services Manager, Cathy Ferrer about the app features their staff and customers care about most, and how other businesses can find similar success.

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What initially attracted you to working with Total Loyalty Solutions?

We were first introduced by Fusion Advertising. After seeing a demo and getting an overview of the program, we decided that a custom Max’s Restaurant App would be a good opportunity to strengthen the relationship with our customers.

Did you offer a loyalty/rewards program before working with Total Loyalty Solutions? How did it compare?
Yes, we did. There were certainly improvements that came with staying up to date with the technology, but what has impressed me most is the support. There’s no shortage of restaurant technology options out there today, but it’s very important for us to work with companies that understand our industry and help us make the best use of that technology. The Total Loyalty team, and particularly our support specialist Ali, are knowledgeable and always quick to respond.

Which feature of Max’s App has been most beneficial to the business?
Offering Online Ordering right in the Max’s App has been great for us; and not only for the increase in sales. This is the type of feature that today’s market demands; especially the younger generations.

Which feature of Max’s app do your customers appreciate most?
I would still say the convenience of offering online ordering right in the app, but the in-app promotions and rewards aren’t far behind. We know that our customers come to Max’s for our famous chicken, so we offer digital punch cards and rewards to encourage in-store visits along with online orders.

Can you tell us more about the decision to make a video?
Sure! It’s simple really; the Max’s app has all of these features that our customers want (online ordering, rewards, promotions) and we benefit from having our customers use these features (increased check sizes, visits, customer engagement), it only makes sense for us to advertise the app everywhere we can.

Of course, we have the typical in-store marketing collateral that came with our program, but we wanted to take it a step further and ensure that our app is seen across print and digital channels. Video advertisements are really big right now, so it was the logical next step and it’s doing quite well!

Why should businesses focus on customer loyalty? And when is the right time to consider a loyalty program to customers?
The right time to start is as soon as possible. A loyalty program doesn’t have to be in an app or come from a service, it just needs to encourage customers to return to your place of business and do more business with you.

Technology is great, it can make your loyalty program even better; but great features and functions are a way to enhance what should begin from the start; creating a reciprocal relationship with customers and strengthening that relationship by showing your customers that you appreciate their support.

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