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Auto-Service Center Increases Appointments with Push Notifications

Ira Burgis, Parts and Service Director at  Quick Lane at Garnet Ford in West Chester, PA was looking for a better way to let customers know about their service specials (and have them redeemed).

He believed that push notifications would be a great way to draw more attention to their business – and he was right! We asked Ira a few questions about why he chose to work with Total Loyalty Solutions and how Quick Lane’s Mobile App is setting them apart from the competition.




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What attracted you to working with Total Loyalty Solutions?
We have been working with Clipper Magazine and finding success with print advertisements for years, but wanted a way to communicate our specials to customers in an even more timely manner. When we learned about the features of having a mobile app that could do just that, we felt it was a wise business decision to move forward with having one created for us.

How long has your app been available to customers?
6 Months

What sort of return on investment have you seen in that time?
Every time we send a push notification we see increased phone calls and appointments generated based on the current promotion. It allows us to promote the items that a customer might need based on seasons or holidays.

What have been some of your most successful promotions?
We get a great response from all of the push notifications we send out, but being in the North East – a promotion we ran on remote starters around the Holiday season was particularly successful. 

Which aspect of your app do your customers appreciate most?
Definitely the push notifications and rewards. We’re proud of the level of service we provide and have gained many loyal customers over the years. Push notifications provide our customers a way to get the most benefit from our business by staying up to date with specials and remembering to have routine service completed.

We also wanted to provide useful tools for our customers within our app to make their lives easier, a few of the more popular are: 
-Our tool to help them find the correct tires for their vehicles
-An easy way to rate us and give feedback on their visit
-Quick links to Roadside assistance
-Link to set online appointments

Which aspect of Total Loyalty’s Service do YOU as a business owner appreciate most?
The success coach we work with has done an excellent job of advising us on things we can or should promote. The app is an awesome tool which allows us to enhance our customers’ overall experience with our business. The service we receive from the Total Loyalty coaching team allows us to make our service even better.

Why should Auto-Service Centers Consider a Mobile Loyalty Program?
Businesses need to do things that the competition are not. If you look at today’s marketing, many credit card companies reward customers for using their card. Customers can get their vehicles serviced anywhere so when you can offer some (or many) reward to the customers they are much more likely to return for future business.

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