Push Notifications


Watch how sending  a  push notification takes  less than a minute

Each one of Total Loyalty Solution’s custom apps  includes unlimited push notifications. Push messaging is a valuable tool that can be leveraged to engage your audience with exciting news, offers, or specials. Push  notifications can be setup in just a few minutes making it an efficient way to drive people through your doors.

How Push Messaging  Works

Push notifications  are a tool that can be used to send a message to mobile app users.   Your customers have the opportunity to opt-in to push notifications when they download your mobile app. According to Oracle, over 68% of users opt-in to receive push notification from a brand’s app. Users who opt-in to push notifications launch an app 172% more than those who do not. These notifications work on both Apple’s iPhones and Google’s android devices.

Push messaging is exciting because the notifications appear on smartphones even when the mobile app is not open. This means that you can leverage push notifications to promote your app and its contents. In fact, Total Loyalty’s custom apps can even send notifications to iPhone and iPad lock screens.

Four Steps to Send a Push Notification

  1. Craft your message:  Each push notification can include up to 140 characters of text.
  2. Choose a  destination: Select where your loyal customers are brought in your mobile app when they engage with the push notification.
  3. Target a location: Its easy to select a segment of your audience if you have more than one location.
  4. Schedule your promotion:  Send your message instantly or pick a date and time to send later.

Learn More About Push  Notifications

You can contact us to learn more about push notifications. Also check out our tips for sending push messages  and see  how a Thai restaurant used push notifications to generate nearly $30,000 in incremental revenue.

iPhone 6 with Mobile App Receives Push Notification